Taste of summer … before returning to normal

Taste of summer ... before returning to normal

Sunday, April 24, 2022 7:15 pm – This Sunday, southwestern Ontario returned to summer temperatures, allowing for warmer temperatures as a result.

Moderate temperatures have become rare in Quebec since the beginning of spring. But a little farther west, our neighboring province had an exceptional day.

Deserves summer

In fact, this Sunday Ontario was treated to summer temperatures. If the province misses the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, residents will still be able to appreciate this heat that they have not been entitled to for a long time.

Mercury reached 27.6 ° C in Sarnia. Elsewhere in the southwestern part of the province, other municipalities were able to benefit from temperatures above 20 C.

CT Temp Sunday Ontario

The situation is similar in Quebec

Quebec should be granted ownership this Monday – which is a very similar scenario – albeit a little new. In the south of the province, it can even reach 20 degrees Celsius.

CT Barton Monday

Elsewhere, mercury fluctuates mainly between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Montreal should surpass this mark too. The hottest temperature ever recorded by the metropolis in 2022 is 15.8 C. It happened on March 17th.

Hottest CT Temps 2022

However, due to the significant amount of clouds and rainfall, the day may not be ideal for outdoor activities. Some areas north of the river will receive more than twenty millimeters of rain.

ct d2

Fall of mercury

However, as of Wednesday, temperatures in both provinces will be below normal for the season. In Quebec, mercury is below 10 C. In some parts of Ontario, however, the difference between Sunday and Wednesday can be as high as 20 C. But that’s okay: May provide us with new opportunities to enjoy the hottest days.

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