If your Android smartphone is easily discharged, it may be due to these apps

If you’ve recently had the feeling that your Android smartphone is getting hot or discharging too easily, you may be using the Messages app provided by Google, the messaging service of Mountain View, which acts as a client for SMS. And MMS, on most Android smartphones.

In fact, a few days ago our colleagues at 9to5Google reported an error in this application, which leads to abnormal power consumption in this application. More specifically, the error is related to the function of sending the photos and videos of the messaging service using the camera of the smartphone.

An amendment has already been published

If the error is, when someone sends an image in the Messages app using the camera, the feature may continue to activate the camera in the background, even when not in use. Also it is the camera that is used constantly which causes extraordinary power consumption and rapid battery drain.

If you think your smartphone has been affected by this error, there is a way to prevent the battery of the device from draining unnecessarily. The trick is to deny camera access to this application. To do this, go to Application Settings and disable access to the camera.

However, it should be noted that this is not necessary as a link is already in use. Quoted by our colleagues from The Verge, Google’s Communications Manager Scott Westover explained that the bug had already been identified and that the company was working on sending the patch to users.

Android News: iMessage’s competitor on Android

As mentioned above, the News app on Android is not only a client for SMS and MMS, but also a real messaging service that Google will position as a competitor to apps like iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram.

In fact, it allows you to send another type of message called Messages R.C.S.. How RCS works on Android News is similar to how iMessage works on the iPhone.

More recently Google has been developing this technology. For example, Mountain View is already protected by the use of RCS Encryption From end to end, text messages cannot be read in traffic by its servers. Most recently, Google has also updated Messaging so that apps can capture emoji reactions sent from the iPhone.

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