Loupianais opens a food truck in Los Angeles: "If America Dreams of Me, It's Thanks to Johnny"

Loupianais opens a food truck in Los Angeles: “If America Dreams of Me, It’s Thanks to Johnny”

It was in September that the 30-year-old from Louisiana set out to emigrate across the Atlantic.

“If I’m going to open a French food truck in Los Angeles (LA), it’s because of Johnny Holiday. Before we get back to the story of how entrepreneurs connect with the statue of youth, let’s look at his plan.

Things became possible

“Until a while ago, I was traveling north with my food truck to the north on the Taw bed. I was making American food, which I learned to prepare there, from the age of 17 to 25. I wanted to open a food truck. For a long time in LA, to serve French food, but I Did not qualify. Then the situation changed. French people can now apply for an E2 visa (read box) “, says the thirty-year-old. His food truck recently said, “Things have become possible”.

E2 Visa Abbreviation …

The E2 visa is an investor, non-immigrant visa that allows you to come to the United States with your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 to promote a business. To qualify for this type of visa, you must meet a variety of conditions. You must first be a citizen of a country that has a trade agreement with the United States. Among other things, you must come to the United States to improve and operate the company’s operations. Invest “substantially” in business activities that cannot be ignored. Finally, you must leave the United States when your visa expires.

Also, the latter says he returned from California last week and “settled the last details with the US administration.” “This is a visa for investors. The ticket is US $ 100,000. You must prove that you have the required funds, but also present a potential business plan. You must also prove that you are ambitious and want to improve its business over time.” Explains.

Coachella Festival

The Frenchman has been planning to immigrate to the United States with his partner since September. “We’m getting married this summer too. We’ve wanted to, and in addition it’s in favor of our file,” explains the latter, betting on the “influence of everything related to French cuisine” to complete his project in line with its development. Ambitions. “The idea is to open a food truck every two years. Each specializes in a specific type of French cuisine. For now, the idea is to follow up with important events such as the Coachella Festival in the LA area. At events like these, I only offer French daily specials. I intend to transform into a Breton Grebery, “explains Lupianois, who” sells everything in France “and lives with his other half” friends or parents. “

Another property of Jeremy Revello, who has already lived a total of “more than a year and a half” and “a friend has lived in LA for 30 years”. “He has been running a restaurant and a French grocery store for a long time. His experience will be useful to me,” says the future immigrant who will live up to his American dream, until he meets him in the city he traveled with Johnny. Last in LA, “a few months before he died”. I had the opportunity to meet him because my parents were friends with his family. If America dreams of me, it’s Johnny. “

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