Aurelie Jean – A head of state should know how to count

Aurelie Jean - A head of state should know how to count

VS ‘A depressing moment occurs in the first minutes of the presidential debate, but it is quickly mitigated by the apparent mockery of the scene. We are not talking about political corruption or fraudulent financial affairs of candidates, but rather an arithmetic operation. You read that right. After all, the candidate of the National Rally seems to have lost in the face of the tax calculation carried out directly by the outgoing president, not without a certain simplicity. We have always believed in a greater scientific culture among politicians, and we are surprised to be reminded that the gateway to Elysee must be a part of algebraic computing skills. Because a head of state must know the idea.

Adding, multiplying and comparing numbers are qualities we develop from elementary school and will haunt us throughout our lives. The calculation assists us in the daily tasks of adjusting the transition, adjusting the accounts, centering a table on the wall, or adjusting the size of the cooking recipe for a larger number of guests. Less obvious but more important is that a head of state should have mastered some key basic concepts in calculating the risk of destroying national debt by bad deduction or underestimating the cost of public policy. In 2012, the unfortunate candidate got stuck in the face of a journalist named Ann-Sophie Lapix, who was much more comfortable with him with the multiplication policy. Let it be clear, Marine Le Pen is not the only one in this situation, and many politicians need to gain momentum because they are more likely to make mistakes. Making a mistake is humane and timid, but you can mitigate the risk by continuing to implement your computational mindset without leaving it to others or your calculator when the opportunity arises.

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The basics are there

Nevertheless, there is a contradiction in this story that goes beyond the embarrassing situation of this debate. For seemingly unexplained reasons, politicians and individuals in general – we often find it difficult because of mistakes in the French language or the lack of cultural references rather than a flawed mathematical function. At the age of thirty you will be reprimanded for not reading a particular classic French literature, but you will be left alone if you do not know how to cross-produce. This is a flaw that needs to be fixed at any cost, otherwise one day we will be in power with a man or woman who has no analytical sense.

Managing a country is not just about dealing with numbers and maps. Above all, it is about understanding how citizens meet their needs and at the same time taking the country in an ambitious direction. But without basic arithmetic we would all agree with the notion that the head of state runs the risk of taking the same direction in the opposite direction! Here we are now talking about off geometry தம் Mathematics is definitely everywhere!

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