20 ° C difference within 50 km

20 ° C difference within 50 km

Saturday, April 23, 2022 7:10 pm – The weather system, which allowed moderate weather to reach Ontario this weekend, will create a different atmosphere this Sunday.

After getting a share of the snow just like in Quebec last week, our Ontario neighbors can finally enjoy a little warmth.

A ridge that precedes the ice formation that currently attacks Canadian prairies, has allowed mercury to rise several degrees. In doing so, many municipalities were able to return to temperatures above 20 C on Saturday afternoon.


The beautiful weekend continues

The province of Ontario promises to be generous in the heat on Sunday. Some fields can withstand temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius. Some localities are unlikely to reach this target for the first time this year.


However, at least one unspeakable circumstance is likely to occur. While mercury can reach 25 degrees Celsius in Brandford, a few dozen kilometers away, we expect temperatures of 5 ° C and 10 ° C instead in the coastal areas of Burlington, St. Catherine’s and Port Weller.


Significant difference

If the temperature may still vary, there seems to be still a significant difference. This situation is explained by the presence of lake winds, which have the effect of blocking the heat. A similar situation is likely to occur in Toronto and Kingston due to winds blowing from Lake Ontario.

But no matter how intense the heat in every part of Ontario, residents have every reason to take advantage of it. From next Wednesday, the mercury will drop, creating temperatures of 10 to 15 C above seasonal norms.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, the province could benefit from this peak and experience 20 ° C from next Monday. So it needs to be monitored.


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