Contradictions of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term

Contradictions of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term

Emmanuel Macron is comfortable in the attire of the President. Starting country “. He showed it again in an interview with media specializing in crypto and new technologies. The big whale. He mentions the problems of cryptocurrencies and metawares, and even quotes in the preface that he is not a big fan of video games, e-games can be quoted. Sovereignty is another important issue in the digital sector. ” Building stone by stone is the technological sovereignty of France and Europe “, He realizes he’s left, but announces with great fanfare.” Lots more work “.

During its five-year tenure, Emmanuel Macron’s government repeatedly demanded that American companies take over the data of French citizens. For example, the public sector bank Bpifrance has entered into an agreement with Amazon Web Service and all financial data of French companies that have subscribed to a state-guaranteed loan will be provided by this subsidiary of Amazon. As for the data hosts, there are definitely delays in France, but it doesn’t give a chance to the French flagships either.

Agreement on Health Data with Microsoft

“Health Data Hub”, a major digital project for this five-year period, was created in November 2019 as a digital health data platform to share health data and enhance research. It is required to host all databases of the National Health Data System (SNDS). To do this, the French government must find a data host. Of the eleven options available to him, Microsoft’s US servers are preferred over OVHCloud, the French company that allowed WikiLeaks to host files.

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Before the Senate, Secretary of State for Digital Cedric O justifies his choice By explaining the delay of the French hosts compared to the US delegation in data processing. ” At the end of the comparison, it appears that only Microsoft can meet all the prerequisites “, He says.

Two appeals to the State Council in 2020 against this resolution were filed by individuals and organizations, including the National Council for Free Software and the National Press Association. One of the applicant’s lawyers, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Soufron said briefly Marianne The risk of leaving such a database in the hands of Microsoft: ” Today, the data of European citizens is processed in the United States, without adequate protection. A solution must be found to provide them with guarantees and protections.

By October 2020, CNIL is asking the government to stop hosting health data on Microsoft or any law-abiding organization in the United States. The French government should now move the database to another host, but “ Not before the presidential election “, Confirmed on Jan. 20, by Cedric O.

Not so sovereign cloud

In order to securely host the data of companies and administrations, the French government has been protecting the creation of a sovereign cloud since 2009. Ask for a cloud hosted and managed by a French service provider and not affiliated with a foreign company. The main advantage is that a cloud and its data cannot be captured by foreign companies under French law. But since Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, we should no longer talk about a sovereign cloud but a “cloud of hope.”

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An example is the “Blue” cloud started by Orange and Capgemini. Developed by French companies, however, it is based on the technologies of an American company, again Microsoft. Bruno Le Myr proudly affirmed during the presentation of the National Cloud Strategy on May 17, 2021, on the principle that companies not only want to store their data but also want to improve their data. Top US service providers, especially Microsoft or Google, can license French companies for all or part of their technology “With Google, Thales is behind another reliable cloud.

This cooperation could create risk because American hosts are subject to “patriotic law” and “cloud law”. Whenever an American actor provides services, it is necessary to respond to requests for data transfer from US authorities, including data stored outside the United States. ” We guarantee complete freedom from US foreign laws through Trusted Cloud “Bruno Le Maire promises to do his part. This cloud is not controlled by being reduced to the role of Microsoft or Google’s technology supplier.

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