Astrobotics has released America’s first lunar lander after Apollo

Participants are busy returning to the United States for the moon. Recently, the Pennsylvania-based astrophotic company released something that could be described as the first American lunar lander after the Apollo program. The lander is named Peregrine and is the first U.S. aircraft to return to the moon.

Peregrine’s mission is part of NASA’s commercial lunar payload services initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to utilize the services of private companies to provide equipment on the surface of the moon.

Peregrine Lander of Astropotics
Credits @ Matthew_Cable12

In the next few years, the US space agency plans to send 7 business missions to the moon. Two of these missions will use astronaut-created lanterns.

A milestone for astrobody

During the event, which was unveiled by Peregrine Lander, Astrobiotics CEO John Thornton showed his pride and enthusiasm. Pointing to the device behind the glass wall, Thornton said it was the first lander to allow the United States to return to the moon in 50 years. He added that this was only the beginning of a series of journeys.

Peregrine Lander

According to reports, the first flight of the astronaut to the moon is scheduled for this year. The Peregrine Lander is expected to carry 14 different payloads with a total weight of 90 kg. The target will be a large crater called Lagos Mortis near the moon. The lander is specially designed to carry all these loads. These can be fixed above or below the peregrine bases or inside or outside special enclosures.

At these loads, there will be scientific instruments used to study the lunar surface. Among other things, the purpose is to search for traces of water.

We already know from the announcement by the Astrobotics company in 2019 that the Vulcan Center rocket has been selected from the United Launch Alliance (ULA) to launch the Peregrine lander this year.

Once this task is completed, a system of a second astrophotic lander called Griffin will be in charge. Griffin is known to be able to carry heavy loads, but for now, it is not yet known when it will be built.

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