The immeasurable joy of the Muslims after the opening of the great mosque of Toulouse

The Abu Bakr Az-Siddiq Mosque, located in the Mirail district, opened its doors to worshipers last Monday. With 4,500 believers, it is the largest mosque in Toulouse, located in front of the Embalot Mosque and is called Chatto (Az-Salam). During the afternoon (door) opening prayer, the mosque was packed. In total, more than 6,500 people welcomed. This number forced the leaders of this place of worship to arrange prayers twice.

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The construction of the religious building required seven years of labor and an investment of மில்லியன் 4 million, which was raised with the help of the faithful. The infrastructure covering an area of ​​3,700 m² is in three stages. It has one for women, three prayer rooms including 11 classrooms, offices, restrooms and gym. Faisal Benafla, General Secretary of the Association of Islamic Worship and Culture (ACCIF) in France, welcomes “this project with unprecedented enthusiasm”.Toulouse News.

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“After decades of hard work in the hope of a better future for Muslims in Toulouse and its suburbs, the time for comfort has come. Allah, the Most Generous, the Most Merciful, has allowed us to see the beautiful and majestic, erected Toulouse Mosque in our beloved Mira. He inspired us, then facilitated this project, and then almost a dream of a few student brothers almost 40 years ago, made a simple idea come true today, ”ACCIF said in a video posted on its social networking sites on April 13.

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“To all the sisters and brothers who directly or indirectly contributed to the future of this beautiful company, and to all who think of the building at Place Edward Powells today, should enter it with enthusiasm and confidence. Lifetime plan.”

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