Burkina Faso: We know a little more about local groups for dialogue with armed groups

Burkina Faso: We know a little more about local groups for dialogue with armed groups

# In other countries : Approved by the Council of Ministers on April 13, 2022.

In Burkina Faso, the government has agreed to set up local dialogue committees to restore peace. The number of these groups varies according to the needs of the land and is responsible for conducting conversations with armed groups operating in certain parts of the country.

The government wants to establish a dialogue with young Minister Burkina Faso, who is in charge of social co-ordination and co-ordinator of the new initiative, Yero Poli.

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“We hope that these pledges will have no impact on Burkina Faso’s sovereignty, secularism and independence. We oversee this kind of dialogue,” the Minister of State explained.

According to the minister, the move does not reflect the government’s acknowledgment of its incompetence in countering terrorism in any way. This is an attempt by the authorities to find Burkina Faso capable of reconciling.

So this dialogue will take place in the villages, especially in areas with strong security challenges where the militants have already expressed the need to talk to their leaders. Managers who consider themselves trustworthy, capable of making commitments and respecting them.

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“As I said, the army is continuing its work. My job is to oversee local dialogue groups to restore peace. These are two different things. “

Contrary to a specific rumor, Moustapha Chafi (advisor from the shadows) has absolutely nothing to do with this generally included file, the minister added. He also denied the 100 million CFA budget allocated for the initiative.

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