US Investment Fund is the standard officially adopted by 777 partners!

US Investment Fund is the standard officially adopted by 777 partners!

Standard sales have been officially recorded for the US Investment Fund 777. The lease club announced in a press release on its website on Tuesday. “Our club’s sale decision (or closure) between Bruno Venancy and 777 partners ended on Tuesday, April 19.”


“The sale (or closing) of our club between Bruno Venanci and 777 Partners ended on Tuesday 19th April.

The transfer of ownership is now official.

A temporary transition system has been established in which the various leaders of the club departments liaise with the managers of the American company. Within this framework, Pierre Locht has been appointed interim CEO.

The purpose of this process is to allow the players of the 777 partners to have time to learn about the definitive performance of the teams in the future, while being able to make all the decisions necessary for the club in the short term. The best possible improvements.

Preparations for the new season have already begun, especially at the sports level.

We will be holding a press conference at the club shortly, during which our new owners will explain their strategic vision in more detail. ⁇

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