Tom Brady, the greatest player in American football history, has announced his retirement

Tom Brady, the greatest player in American football history, has announced his retirement

Tom Brady on August 28, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

Quarterback Tom Tom Brady, considered one of the greatest players in American football history, officially announced his retirement on Tuesday.Er February, after several days of preserving suspense. “I wanted my life in the NFL [la ligue professionnelle nord-américaine]Now is the time to focus my time and energy on other things that need my attention. “, Wrote on his Instagram account The 44-year-old has won seven Super Bowls.

In 2020, Tom Brady left the Patriots, after twenty years of an already hectic career, to join the Buccaneers, then one of the weakest teams in the NFL that has not qualified for the playoffs since 2007. Unexpectedly, he led them. In the lead, Brady collected his seventh title for his tenth final, beating the Kansas City Chiefs.

In search of the eighth ring – the prize given every year to the Super Bowl winners organized by the NFL – and the second with Buchanan, he saw his dream come true when his team lost 30-27 to the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday. , Despite an incredible comeback as his team trailed 27-3 in the third quarter.

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Five times Super Bowl MVP

Brady has been named MVP (Best Player) five times in the Super Bowl, and has received the most touchdown passes (624) three times in the regular season and on multiple records.

A few weeks ago, Brady said he wanted to “Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.”. On his podcast, he argued this week, his choice never came except what he wanted “What[ils veulent] As a family “. Tom Brady is married to former model Giselle Pontsen and they have two children.

It’s the second fantastic break for the NFL in just a few days, after Thursday’s Ben Rothlisberger’s another famous quarterback who won the Super Bowl twice with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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