How Disney Became an Obstacle to the American Conservative Right - Liberation

How Disney Became an Obstacle to the American Conservative Right – Liberation


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By opposing legislation banning all talk of sexual orientation in Florida schools in the name of its progressive and inclusive values, the entertainment empire has come under intense Trumpist and state governor-led intimidation campaign. Many elected Republicans.

In 2016, the Georgia state legislature enacted a law in the name of “religious freedom” granting its members the right to refuse any trade with the LGBTQ, raising boycott campaigns against it and raising the symphony of consensus among the most powerful. Sports companies like the Hollywood elite – from Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore … to Harvey Weinstein, are still officially used frequently. Similarly, Walt Disney Company, led by then-President Bob Iger, promised to abandon all production activities in the state if the text came into effect: “Businesses that include Disney and Marvel, and have excellent experience filming in Georgia, plan to relocate legislation that would allow discriminatory practices in state law.” The local governor uttered his veto, and the dirty story ended there: the result of the match, KO’s victory for Mickey, Donald and their friends.

Six years later, Iger stepped down as CEO in favor of Bob Chabeck – the two had an icy relationship – and the Disney Empire lost its popularity for interfering with its pro-values ​​…

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