“Decotherapy”, or how to achieve well-being through makeup

"Decotherapy", or how to achieve well-being through makeup

Have you ever been calm or reassured after decorating your interior? Mirrors or paintings, Plants or lights, all arranged in your living room Or did they give you well-being in your room? Unbeknownst to you, imagine that you have practiced decotherapy. This method was developed in 2005 by an ergonomic architect, Frank Dubuil, who felt better and quieter in terms of the principle of layout and decoration of a room. “ Deco therapy is a method of treating the development of closed spaces from a therapeutic and preventive perspective. The goal is to help establish the best place to live or work with the individual in their actions and aspirations. Processes function in mental health “, Explained Frank Dubui.

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To help you, you can approach a decotherapist

Decotherapy is a relative of the famous feng shui, an art of Chinese descent that aims to harmonize all the energies of a space or room for peaceful purposes. Like feng shui, decotherapy is a way of decorating a space and making it feel good there. Like all treatments, everything is on time. In fact, to be effective, it is important, first of all, to go step by step by touching the color or originality with the comfortable cushions on our sofa, or thanks to our indoor plants.

To help you dispel negative vibrations, There are deco-therapists for learning sessions, The user will learn to create a calm and reassuring atmosphere by developing his or her different senses: touch, smell and even hearing. While decotherapy has shown its effectiveness in many people, it has not been unanimously accepted by psychologists. In fact, for them, the mental and tranquil benefits of treatment are demonstrated in the mental well-being of the beneficiary. However, if depression or symptoms of depression appear, it is important to turn to psychiatrists or psychologists who can provide diagnostic and medical solutions.

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