Diligence has finally found its parachute on Mars

Diligence has finally found its parachute on Mars

More than 400 days have passed since the Martian soil, and this time it was all over, The NASA Perseverance Rover Finally found him Parachute – And its heat shield! It was exactly in Sol 404 that Mastcam-Z saw the monument. Round. About 700 meters.

The engineers planned to find the parachute Diligence His a little earlier Assignment. After finally playing his part Travel to Mars In Percy, the rover’s landing speed on Mars slowed, and it fell only a few hundred meters. Between diligence and one of its main scientific objectives, the Jessero Gorge Delta.

But to achieve that – or almost – the rover NASA A dangerous area, the field of dunes should be avoided. And he finally had to travel more than 8.6 kilometers.

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