A robot-snake examining the lungs

A robot-snake examining the lungs

Researchers at the University of Leeds in the UK, a Magnetic robot Miniature, capable of going inside Lung Must also be found Tumors Cancer.

This RobotMade of very small magnetic tents, designed to reach the smallest. Trachea From LungTake tissue samples or, if necessary, provide a treatment Anti-cancer Specific.

It is 2 millimeters in diameter and is largely guided into the lungs Magnets Located outside the patient. For now, it has only been tested in the lab, in a 3D version of a Tree Trachea. The next stage of research is to study the performance of the device Lung Taken from a corpse.

Currently, this procedure involves inserting a flexible, tubular device about 3.5 to 4 millimeters in diameter into the lungs. Nose Or mouth. However, this process has its limitations because it does not allow to explore some higher levels of the tracheal tree. Penetrate deep into the lungs, a Catheter Or a thin tube is sent through the trachea to reach these narrow areas. However, manipulation is very limited and it is often difficult to get exactly where doctors want to be.

This is precisely the reason for this Magnetic robot : With a brilliant system of magnets mounted on robotic arms, any part of the lung can be reached by being “guided” from the outside. According to these researchers, such a robot could establish itself as an important medical tool in research and treatment Lung cancerOr even other lung diseases.

Ultimately, such technology is easy for staff to use and gentle for patients. The researchers published their first results in the journal Gentle Robotics.

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