Foxwana Canary: This compact little house weighs less than 2.5T (with plans)

Foxwana Canary: This compact little house weighs less than 2.5T (with plans)

Are you considering a connection in your home, an office to work in, or a studio for your elderly relatives to stay? In the United States, for some time in France, small studio homes have been on the rise. Boxvana offers small studios if you need a little extra space. The Canary Model mobile offers endless solutions for the home office or extra guest room. This small house of 220 square feet (19.5 m²) can take you anywhere! Simple and easy to handle, this tiny little house will accomplish many more functions. Discovery.


Boxwana describes the canary as a powerful little house For diversity. Weighing less than 2500 kg, on wheels, it moves very easily and can become an office, studio or lounge at the bottom of the garden. The American company describes itself as the creator of permanent shelters for 21 peopleTh Century.

The Tiny House Foxwana Canary (gray)
Photo credit: Foxwana

It is a special material to make light

Manufacturer varies by application LitePan is a special construction material, Lighter composite than concrete, steel or wood. Thanks to this product, Boxvana can boast of being the exclusive supplier of this technology. LitePan is not only lightweight, it is also Extreme resistance to earthquakes, hurricanes or fire. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and reusable material. It finally gives the look of a container house … but it’s still a small house! LitePan is revolutionizing the housing worldwide, and Boxvana is proud to be its exclusive supplier in North America.

Photo credit: Boxvana

A little tour inside?

The version Canary shown in the photos Made to measure Like most manufacturer models. We found a living room with heated floor, wiring for solar panels, a fully equipped kitchen (stove, sink, stove) and plenty of storage. All the amenities of a modern kitchen with a large refrigerator running on 12V and a fresh water tank with pump. To complete the visit to the ground floor, there is a bathroom and compost toilet, a shower and more storage space! Upstairs, a spacious bedroom with a double bed welcomes its occupants.

How Much Money Does a Tiny Canary House in Foxwana Make?

The video version is priced at $ 92,500 (85,500) but starts at $ 65,000 (€ 60,100). Technology enthusiasts have some options:

  • SmartSite coating;
  • Backyard island concept;
  • Radiant heated floor ($ 1,200);
  • Integrated smart audio system ($ 4,500);
  • Smart lighting and climate control ($ 3,000);
  • Solar panels ($ 1,800);
  • Manufacturing and installation ($ 3,500).
  • Tiny House Boxvana Canary Projects
    Photo credit: Foxwana

We do not know if it will be shipped to France, but you can always Request information directly Boxvana via the contact form. You can see all the achievements of Boxvana by following them Their Instagram page. On the other hand, if you feel the soul of an artisan, you can discover Canary’s plans. This little house is so cute isn’t it? Too bad that the light has not yet come to us!

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