Barrier to wearing a veil separates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron

L'interdiction du port du voile divise Marine Le Pen et Emmanuel Macron

Wearing a veil is part of a debate between two candidates running in the 2022 presidential election, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

His promise to ban the wearing of the headscarf in public between Emmanuel Macron and his rival in the French presidential election, Marine Le Pen, continues to be debated.

Questioned several times between the two rounds on the ban on the veil promised by the RN candidate, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen called back their differences on this controversial issue.

Following the president’s departure during a march in Strasbourg on Tuesday, a woman wearing a headscarf protested against a plan to ban her from wearing the hijab in public on Friday.

Analysts believe that one of the reasons for Le Pen’s progress was that he was able to present himself as a more moderate candidate and a candidate who could handle problems better, including higher prices.

But the right-wing anti-immigrant candidate is tough on the veil and says women who wear it in public will be fined if elected.

Macron, meanwhile, sought to use Le Pen’s insistence that his politics be no different from the radical National Front founded by his father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The presidential candidate has condemned the proposal of his far-right rival to ban street veils, “Dividing the country”.

He presented himself as an advocate of religious freedom, pointing out that the constitutional ban on helmets was tantamount to banning all religious symbols, including the Jewish parade and the cross.

During a visit to the eastern French city of Strasbourg on Tuesday as part of a round of meeting with voters, Macron asked a veiled woman if she was wearing a veil or if she was being raped.

“This is totally my choice”The woman bragged about being identified as a feminist, to which Macron responded by explicitly referring to Le Pen’s plan, saying, “This is the best answer to the nonsense I’ve ever heard.”

During a visit to the northern port city of Le Havre on Thursday, Macron added: “No country in the world has banned the wearing of headscarves in public. Want to do it first? ⁇

However, according to Marine Le Pen, this is only a ban “Looks ridiculous” And must be completed and configured ” The law I am proposing is to fight against Islamic fundamentalism. “

“We must remove all funding for Islamic societies, we must ban their constitution, we must ban the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism, we must close mosques that promote radical Islam,” he listed. “This is a collection. I want to fight against the ideology of Islamic dictatorship. This is not just a veil.”Marine Le Pen insisted, indicating what she wanted

By decision, membership for Boss-de-Arts “Emphasizes the French” This law is “read on its site. “I urge them to understand that this is a defense of our constitutional principles,” he said. This dictatorial ideology attacks these principles such as secularism, gender equality, freedom to choose or leave a religion, and the DNA of our country..

Macron is well aware of the importance of the Muslim electorate in France, which represents about five million people and nine percent of the population.

According to an Ifop poll, 69% of Muslim voters chose the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s third candidate in the first round of elections.

Winning the support of Mன்சlenchon’s supporters is seen as crucial to Macron’s second-round victory.

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