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Where and when to see the “Super Pink Moon” in Rouen this Saturday?

Let's have a look tonight
Tonight, we see the “Super Pink Moon”. In Rouen we tell you where to look for it. (© JB / 76actu / Archives)

The weather is nice, the sky is blue and the moon is pink. We need to talk too “Super Pink Moon” To qualify for the astronomical event occurring in 2022 April 16 to Sunday 17 at night.

Why do we call it the “Super Moon”?

This event, Occurs only once or twice a yearResults a The extraordinary proximity of our satellite to Earth. The Moon, which follows an elliptical orbit around the blue planet, illustrates its perigee (the point of orbit of a star closest to Earth). Gerard Bitrew, President of the Friday Astronomical Society in Rouen.

The average Earth-Moon distance is 384,000 km. Compared with, a few tens of thousands of kilometers, a comparative compliance. But even if the full moon on Saturday evening appears slightly larger than usual.

A “pink” moon, really?

As for the pink color, This word is used a little too much. It is mainly given this name of the pink moon to denote the colors of the spring flowers, during the season when this phenomenon is visible.

It’s hard to expect the right color for the star. It all depends on the interactions with the sunlight. “The light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere – the higher the red rays – is reflected on the Moon’s surface, giving it this reddish-ocher color,” explains Gérard Pitrou.

Prioritize areas with clear horizons

According to the astronomer, the conditions for observing this “super pink moon” are really favorable At about 9 p.m. After sunset. Especially since Météo France is announcing a cloudless evening. The astronomer concludes that “at this time the Moon is the highest point in the sky because it is at its maximum tilt relative to the plane of the Earth’s orbit.” Those who wake up early can see it on Sunday mornings before sunrise (7am).

To take full advantage of this event, Gérard Pitrou recommends “moving to areas where there are not many buildings and the horizon is clear”. It is best to head to the countryside, but other sites close to Rouen, such as the neighborhood of Booze Airport or the panorama of Mont-Saint-Aignan, are ideal. Stadiums can do the trick too.

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Unlike eclipses, there is no need to wear glasses because “Pink Super Moon” is not dangerous to the eyes. If the event is easily visible to the naked eye, Gerrard Bitrew advises equipping you with a pair of telescopes to think about other celestial objects, such as the “south / southwest now clearly visible” galaxy.

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