Le Drian in Algiers emphasizes the “essentiality” of cooperation with Algeria

Le Drian in Algiers emphasizes the "essentiality" of cooperation with Algeria

French diplomat Jean-Yves Le Drian, who is on his second visit in three months, underlined the “essentiality” of cooperation between France and Algeria during a hurricane visit to Algiers on Wednesday. Region.

“We also face regional challenges, primarily terrorism. Our cooperation in the field of defense and the stabilization of our regional environment is as important in the Mediterranean as in Africa,” he said. Le Trian made the announcement late Wednesday after talks. With his Algerian envoy Ramdn Lamamra and President Abdelmadjit Debon.

“The evolution of Sahel’s situation and the need to restart the transition process in Libya underscore the need for this,” he added.

France and Algeria are trying to give new impetus to their relations after a severe diplomatic crisis.

Algeria recalled its ambassador to Paris in October in response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement that Algeria, which had put an end to 132 years of French immigration, had been built on “memorial rent” since independence in 1962. By the “political-military system.”

In December, to alleviate the crisis, Mr. Le Trian made his first visit to Algiers, and the Algerian ambassador to France resumed his duties in Paris on 6 January.

“We look forward to resuming our bilateral relations in anticipation of CIHN’s forthcoming meeting, which is essential and long-standing for both our countries,” Le Drian, a member of the Intergovernmental High-Level Committee on Franco-Algeria, said on Wednesday.

He also noted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, stressing that the conflict “had major implications for the diversification of energy supplies to Europeans and for the security of food, including Algeria.”

Algeria, a gas exporter, supplies about 11% of the gas consumed in Europe and 47% to Russia.

Many countries seeking to reduce their dependence on Russian supplies after the invasion of Ukraine have turned to Moscow’s ally, Algeria, but Algiers’ potential to increase its exports is very small.

Algeria last Monday signed an agreement to increase gas supplies to Italy via the Transmit gas pipeline passing through Tunisia.

But “questions surround Algeria’s potential to boost exports,” said Aidin Gallic, a researcher at the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES).

Algeria is the first African exporter of natural gas and the 7th largest exporter in the world, but the infrastructure is being modernized and the increase in local consumption is limiting the space for maneuvering due to a significant increase in its supply overseas.

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