An actor will come and change the weather in Quebec

An actor will come and change the weather in Quebec

Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 6:03 pm – It’s no secret: the next few days in Quebec the coldest temperatures will be comfortable. However, this trend will be emphasized by one player: a hurricane, which is currently operating in the Pacific Ocean.

On April 11, Hurricane Malagas made landfall off the coast of the Philippines.

The most powerful wind ever recorded has reached a speed of 232 km / h. However, its intensity decreases and over the next few hours it should continue to lose feathers. Malaccas are expected to return to tropical storms on Friday.

Malagus Radar (2)

Its impacts were minimal because it did not really affect the land: it was covered in the Pacific Ocean.

An influence up to Quebec

What is special about this system is that it can have an impact on Canada’s atmosphere. In fact, its path puts pressure on the jet stream and emphasizes the formation of a ridge at the Pacific level.

Sweetness is likely to come in western Canada.

Quebec will not have the same luck: a depression will be established.


Following the passage of the strong low pressure zone, the refreshment will conveniently set its residences in the province. The effects of the latter will be felt in some sectors until Friday. The cool air descent will be felt on Saturday. Temperatures can actually fall below seasonal norms, approaching 10 ° C at certain times.

This is where Typhoon Malagas comes in: it emphasizes the prevailing cold trend in both duration and intensity. However, this impact will be felt later, and Quebec will be under the influence of cold weather for some time.


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