Govit-19: Infection like omigron, virus like delta … This data of XD variant is not guaranteed

Govit-19: Infection like omigron, virus like delta ... This data of XD variant is not guaranteed

The bad news is that with the restructuring variant of Omigran and Delta on the Covit front, the bad news is that it has the bad character of its “parents”.

The Institute Pastor’s study was published on April 4th முன்அச்சு The characteristics of the XD variant trigger have not been reviewed, and this overhaul of Omigron and Delta has long been called Deltacron.

According to the company, “Delta’s latest extensive circulation in the world and its replacement by viruses of the Omigron lineage have created conditions for genetic transmission between viruses that offer both genetic variation and phenotypic specifications” (together observable characteristics of an organism). “.

Disaster in rats

Scientists at the Institute Pastor’s infected mice with several types, including XD. The results are staggering. At first glance, the virus spreads as fast as Omigran, but it is just as intense as Delta, with more worrying consequences as already revealed. Independent in recent days.

Delta-infected mice were affected by weight loss from day 3 after infection, with 6 out of 7 mice dying between days 7 and 9. None of the 6 mice affected by Omigran experienced such a fate.

With Deltacron, no weight loss was observed in the first 5 days after infection. On the other hand, their health deteriorated between 5 and 8 days. All (8) died or had to be euthanized on the 9th day.

Does it apply to humans?

In conclusion, analysis of these data suggests that the XD variant is as infectious as Omicron and as malignant as Delta. However, these teachings do not apply to humans. Science and the future This Thursday.

Discovered three months ago, XD grew slightly, while Omicron experienced high-speed and meteoric growth and reached worldwide in just a few weeks.

No more cases were found in France

The XD variant seen in the north of France on January 3 is actually currently progressing slowly. As of April 13, a total of 84 pollutants were listed in five countries (France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark), including 65 in France. However, France’s latest report released on Thursday, April 14, reveals that no difference has been found in the country for two weeks.

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