Frandroid hires an editor to purchase the guides

Frandroid hires an editor to purchase the guides

To support its growth and expand its team, Frandroid opens a new permanent position: Become an editor who specializes in purchasing guides for a wide variety of products.

Frandroid hires an editor to purchase the guides

Frandroid has been the reference technology medium in recent years. Initially specializing in the Android world and smartphone, this site is now a leading figure in high tech information in France. Our team of journalists covers a variety of topics surrounding new technologies ranging from smartphones to PCs, but also TV, photography, services and even electric cars.

In two and a half years, from Redesign of the site by the end of 2019, Frandroid has grown and developed a lot in many ways such as its design, editorial or team. We are We are looking for a new person to join our queue To help us Write purchase guides It builds its base.

These are an essential part of our editorial, integrating our knowledge based on testing and good advice to our readers. Therefore, special attention and dedicated individuals who know the products and expectations of each category are required.

Profile for a writer looking to purchase guides

That’s why we open a position CDI for Special Writer / Buyer’s Guide. We are looking for someone interested in all product types and at the same time want good advice. To succeed in this position, some skills are required:

  • The most pronounced connection to new technologies in general;
  • Relational meaning;
  • Good organization;
  • Joint effort;
  • Strength of proposal and creativity;
  • Reading, writing and speaking English;
  • Flawless spelling.

To apply, go directly Welcome to the forest :

Apply for the post of Journalist Buying Guide for Frandroid

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