Why is Marvel (still) accused of abusing its teachers?

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Marvel, which has been accused of not paying its comic book editors properly, is in turmoil just days before the release of Dr. Strange 2.

A few weeks before the release Dr. is strange in the diversity of madness, Marvel was again accused of manipulating its authors. Pallavi is not new, but it is beginning to weigh heavily on the House of Ideas: at the same time it is creating its own cinematography universe at all costs, American company Abandons its comic book authors.

Dr. Strange expels its creator from the business

This time, Dr. Strange is followed. After several appearances at MCU and a first film in his name, the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch is set to experience new adventures on the big screen. Multiverses of crazy. A major release for the MCU suggests that the American company is going to offer the name-worthy financial compensation to Hero co-creator Joe Casey. It is clear that Marvel’s plans are not the same.

Like DC and Superman, Marvel has a strict creative policy Will automatically retain the intellectual property of the characters found within the framework of its authors, the MCU. A Still artists are offered financial compensation of up to $ 5,000A very small amount compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars generated by each film franchise.

For its part, Disney really is There is no obligation To financially compensate those who create its successful character. There is no provision for this in the contracts signed by the artists. This does not prevent some creators from having bad memories of their collaboration with the House of Ideas. Asked by Hollywood ReporterHe explains: “There’s still a formal problem with the creators not being rewarded or respected. Marvel did not give me anything for America Chavez. Does not seem to be at peace “.

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