Marine Le Pen: Operation Fainting

Marine Le Pen : Opération séduction

KQualifying for the second round of the presidential election in France, the candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, on April 12, 2022, released a new poster for the second round of the presidential election, while at the same time, in order to cover up their tracks, a new slogan is being poured into the base chaos, in the context of satire and dubious formulas. “For all French people” is a way to start a new phase in the communications of the Front National French extremist party, another approach aimed at demonizing the far-right party, while at the same time containing hate speech, hate, racism and racism. Manipulation and basic rhetoric that attracted 10% of Eric Gemmour and Valerie Begres, both fell from heights in the first round of this election. Like the Socialist Party represented by Anne Hidalgo, it crushed the historically significant flat seams. Under the guise of severe crisis, social discontent, false promises and constant slander and recycling of speech, Marine Le Pen, who had no one to represent them except Emmanuel Macron, who failed during an edict, and his father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, were radicalized. He tries to cut the navel flag in a detached and sober outfit, with no reference to the past and responsibilities of a party that has positioned itself as a dangerous alternative. With no political past or the slightest historical justification, the Republic with candidates from all sides is losing its bearings. Eric Zemmer, who fell from a great height and called for a vote in the second round for Le Pen: “I can not be idle in the face of the evils awaiting our country. I have many disagreements with Marine Le Pen, I addressed them during this campaign. One man did not say a word about identity, security and immigration during the campaign, and would do worse if he were re – elected.

Despite months of media publicity, dangerous predictions and the full talk of journalist Eric Gemmore, it deserves to be at least as clear on the part of the party boss as Reconquête. , Comfortable, divisive, divisive and stigmatizing in his preferred exercise, goes to the extent of confirming his intentions for the future: “We already plan for the future. I will not stick to it. Resettlement will not drop anything until France is recaptured. I am determined to continue the struggle.”

On behalf of Emmanuel Macron, the defeated candidates in the first round have shown the same intentions as Valerie Beckress: “The votes cast in my name do not belong to me. But I urge the electorate who have trusted in me, in the days to come, to seriously consider the catastrophic consequences for our country and future generations, which they will consider for a second round, in any election that is different from my will.

Like Anne Hidalgo, with her 1.8% score, it would be useful if things were tough between Marine Le Pen and the outgoing president. Emmanuel Macron told ecologist Yannick Jadot (4.4%) that he wanted to prevent the far right from placing the ballot in the ballot box, while his vote was not guaranteed.

For Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon (20.2%), who failed miserably in this first round, his attitude has always been clear and unquestionable. “Don’t even give Marine Le Pen a voice,” he called on the French. “We know who we will not vote for. You should not even give a single vote to Madame Le Pen,” he told his constituents, instructing them to vote for Emmanuel Macron, who is “by no means a bulwark against the far right.”

However, only two faces remain, which are not as different as they appear in the voting motives and some of the hot topics in the Republic, which can often create great confusion with the same political story that oscillates between the two sides. That was clear during the second round of voting on April 24, 2022.

Abdelhawk Najib


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