Emmanuel Macron is having fun with Muslim voters

Emmanuel Macron is having fun with Muslim voters

When the tentative results of the presidential election were announced, Emmanuel Macron quickly descended into seduction. “I want France to fight resolutely against Islamic separatism, but through secularism, to allow everyone to believe or not believe in their religion. It is not France that forbids Muslims or Jews to eat according to their religion. This is not us, ”he told his supporters in Porte de Versailles on Sunday evening, April 10.

The outgoing president said, “France, which is part of a stronger Europe, is constantly forming alliances with major democracies to defend itself.

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Before the first round (27.6%), Emmanuel Macron will face Marine Le Pen in a new fight on April 24. In the search for a second term, he says, “in the years to come, in the service of our nation, we are ready to find something new to combine different beliefs and sensibilities to create a common ground with them.”

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