Successful transformation of Alinia recruiting new owners

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By Nicholas Monier

After being placed on receipt in May 2020, the brand managed by Alexis Mulleys completely transformed itself. To switch to a definite premium range, the brand has now dropped the discounted furniture.

After living through a very traumatic period in 2020, furniture brand Alinia, as we remember, is starting a new life on receipt. Many large stores were closed. Some catchment areas that do not match the brand’s new DNA have been blocked. “We have made a serious choice to leave the world of discount furniture., Explains Alexis Mullis, brand leader. And he adds:

“We have now relocated more than 55% of our purchases to France, the European Union and the Mediterranean. In addition, Omnison is firmly integrated into our strategy. M. “

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At a definite high level, the brand is now part of the Mediterranean-inspired product offerings. “We want to appear as a true decorative brand in the French cultural heritage. We play with the classic products and styles we see in our original identity. We no longer think of our stores department wise, but now we think of where we really live by mixing products., Adds Alexis Mulleys. The group, which has therefore reduced its size, now has 14 stores (including four owners). Towards the essential high quality customers, the brand wants to integrate its transformation above all else.

In search of strong-willed owners with a strong appetite for furniture and decor, Alinia is opening stores in the suburbs of 2,000 to 3,000 square meters. If the brand is currently testing the city center design, the latter is waiting to be fully installed to rank it nationally.

“Sales of turnover today vary from 5 to 10 million euros, depending on the catchment area. We are now very careful in choosing the target area for our locations. We are now targeting higher premium areas with smaller stores. Our growth in the cities of Nantes, Strasbourg, Lily, Nice and Lyon Priorities include.Continues Alexis Mulleys.

And he adds:“Our new stabilization has allowed us to see our average basket reach 150 euros.”

With measured steps, AliƩna, which receives 30% of its revenue from digital today, will open a new license shop in Lyon next September. On the cards, it will also be Le Havre in 2023. But always pay attention to the quality of the selected area.

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