Meta Group is testing sales of virtual goods on Metawares

Meta Group is testing sales of virtual goods on Metawares

American Meta (Facebook, Instagram) offers content creators the opportunity to sell virtual products to Horizon Worlds users, the main site of Horizon Worlds in its metaware. “Anyone, for example, can make and sell parts of a fashion ‘world’ or provide paid access to another part of the ‘world'”The California team explained In a press release (In English)Monday, April 11.

Metaverse, advertised by Meta and other companies as the future of the Internet, consists of a collection of parallel universes, primarily magnified and accessed by virtual reality sites. It is already minimal in the form of video games (Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox) And social sites (Horizon Worlds, VRChat), where people meet not only to play, but also to interact and participate in events.

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Meta, whose revenue depends on a large number of targeted ads, wants to make a significant contribution to the appearance of metawares. So the social networking company seeks to attract content creators in order to attract new users. It already set up a $ 10 million fund for creators on Horizon in October, where the company says there are already more than 10,000 different “worlds”. “We are launching an experiment today to get feedback from some of the creators”Meta clarified.

“Creators can earn a living, and people can buy digital products, services and experiences.”

The company also plans to test bonuses for creators who achieve certain goals “Create worlds where users spend more time”. This is a bonus “No fees and full payment to creators”, Meta said, unlike revenue from virtual goods, they are compelling. One article states that Horizon Worlds has 300,000 users in the United States and Canada. From the special site The Verge (In English) Released in February.

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