Greece should step up gas exploration

Greece should step up gas exploration

Greece is preparing to accelerate its gas exploration to assess its potential reserves by the end of 2023, Prime Minister Griagos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday.

“As a country, we need to know for sure whether there is an exploitable natural gas reserve, and we will know for sure by the end of 2023,” Griagos Mitsotakis said after a meeting at the headquarters of the General Hydrocarbon Management Agency (ΗΗRΜ). Athens.

“When we talk about studies on gas deposits and hydrocarbons, no one can say for sure,” he said.

Studies are to be conducted mainly in two parts of the Ionian Sea (west), in the other two parts southwest of the island of Crete, and in one part of the Gulf of Cyprus in the Peloponnese (southwest). Minister.

On the continent, a sixth area of ​​interest has been identified in the Ephraim (northwest) region, he added.

Last week, the Greek government announced that it would double production of lignite (the country’s main mining resource) over the next two years, despite pollution, to reduce Russia’s dependence on gas.

To fulfill its commitment to produce green energy, Greece has turned to natural gas in recent years, which currently represents 40% of the country’s energy, and is therefore highly dependent on Russia.

But since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February, Athens has been looking for alternative solutions to ensure a normal supply.

Environmental groups have repeatedly criticized energy studies in parts of western Greece, the main habitat for whales, turtles and dolphins, some of which are protected species.

Fifteen environmental groups have called for a halt to research in February following the wreckage of several queer-horned whales (Giffius) off the coast of Greece.

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