Govt-19 in Reunion: virus circulation is increasing with 12,271 new cases per week

Covid 19 in Reunion: virus circulation is increasing with 12,271 new cases per week

This Tuesday, April 12, ARS takes over the health situation in Reunion. The virus cycle is increasing. The number of weekly cases is 12,271, up from 10,996 in the previous week. So the event rate has risen to 1,433 from 1,285 last week. The positive rate has also increased and is now 38.7%. 11 deaths this week are to be mourned.

Covid 19 in Reunion:

Despite the increasing viral cycle, hospital admissions remained stable

The viral cycle continues in Reunion again this week. The number of weekly cases is 12,271 Against 10,996 in the previous week. So the incidence rate continues to rise to 1,433 It was 1,285 last week. The positive rate has also increased and is now 38.7%.

The number of hospital admissions in the intensive care unit remains low. On April 12, 8 intensive care beds were occupied by Govt patients (compared to 5 in the last week) and 53 patients with other illnesses (i.e. 61 beds out of 76 beds occupied). Despite the increasing virus cycle this has so far had little impact on the hospital and the rate of use of SAMU is very low.

In the last 7 days, The 11 deaths associated with Covid 19 should be regretted. Of these deaths, 8 had not been vaccinated or had an incomplete vaccination schedule. All 3 people who were vaccinated had comorbidities.

This environment is marked by a more active virus cycle and when non-compliance has socio-economic impacts, companies and managements must guarantee safe working conditions for employees and ensure the continuity of their operations. With this aim of economic continuity and employee safety, the use of restraining gestures in the professional environment, the regular wearing of masks during meetings and exchanges, and the systematic screening of contact cases are all essential measures to combat the uprising. Clusters in the workplace.

Considering this situation of continuous cycle of the virus, it is highly recommended to wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

Vaccination is also the best way to protect against severe forms of the disease: every week, we continue to grieve the increasing number of deaths from the number of people who have not been vaccinated.

The politician recalled that it was this collective responsibility that would allow the deregulation to continue over time.

Health status

The Provincial and Regional Health Agencies regret to announce the deaths of 11 patients who intervened in the last 7 days this Tuesday, April 12, 2022:

– 2 people aged 65 to 74,

– 9 people over 75 years of age.

8 were not vaccinated or had an incomplete vaccination schedule. 3 people who were vaccinated had comorbidities.

Positive ratio

The positive rate for the week from April 2 to April 8 was 38.7%, slightly higher than the previous week.

Event rate

Weekly event rate 1,433 / 100,000 people (compared to 1,284 in the previous week).

From April 2 to April 8, 12,271 cases were confirmed.

Of the 342,445 recovery and 731 deaths since the onset of the health crisis,

17,036 cases are pending to date.

Since the outbreak, 360,212 cases have been investigated by the ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance to date.


There were 41,138 trials during this period, an increase of almost 1% over the previous week.

Look for Covit-19 mutations

From April 2 to April 8, 6,480 positive cases were screened to identify a mutation: 6,334 cases presented one of the specific mutations under surveillance, in this case the Omigron variant, i.e. approximately 98%.

Hospital condition:

As of April 11, 2022, of the 76 beds established in Reunion, 8 intensive care beds were occupied by patients positive for Govit-19 and 53 by other pathological patients (80% occupancy rate).

We will protect the most vulnerable and continue to value prohibition gestures

The incidence rate and the positive rate are constantly increasing on the island; Although intensive care hospitals have no significant impact at this stage, the virus cycle is still active in the area.

If the whole population is at risk of contracting Covid 19 disease, some are at risk of developing a severe form: the elderly, the sick, or those with weakened immune systems.

Furthermore, health officials recommend that vulnerable people and their loved ones:

– Use of restraining gestures: Regular ventilation of the rooms, hand washing, use of hydroalcoholic gel, greeting without shaking / hugging, use of disposable handkerchief and isolation at home in case of symptoms or positive test,

– Wear the mask when mandated (public transport and hospitals, dependent nursing homes (EHPAD), long-term care units (USLD) …) or when recommended (in areas with high traffic during long-distance operations). Can not respect)

– Benefit from the vaccine and booster dose 3 months after the 2nd injection or infection,

– Implement the 2nd reminder within the required time frame for those over 60 and residents of nursing homes and USLDs,

– In case of Covid 19 infection, consult a doctor to monitor the health status to prevent worsening of symptoms.

– Continue monitoring and treatment of other ailments with their doctor.

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