Amazon Announces Early Visitors for Sunday Night Posters

Amazon Announces Early Visitors for Sunday Night Posters

During the annual presentation of the Prime Video hosted in Paris this Tuesday, the channel’s sports director Bernard Satellin welcomed viewers who were recorded during the Ligue 1 posters. Especially on Sunday evenings, a show that brings together “more than a million viewers”, according to Amazon.

Mostly positive results. Eight months after launching Ligue 1, Amazon is pleased with the results. During the annual presentation of the Prime Video in Paris this Tuesday, France’s Director of Sports, Bernard Satillon, praised a quality start: “In one year, we, as a trusted player, have the ability to broadcast quality sporting events. We can. Be proud of the progress that has been made.”

After the defeat of MediaPro, which shook French football, the launch of Amazon brought relief to all. Prime Video seems to have found its audience in France. “The feedback from the subscribers is very good, Bernard Chadilan promises.

“Continue to make matches more visible”

Good results that will give confidence to the American company that owns almost 80% of L1 broadcasting rights by 2024. “We are getting ready for next season. We want to know more about the tournament,” explains his sports director in France. . We offer the competition once a month to all Prime members. We also guarantee that we will not charge June-July (off-season, Editor’s note) pass subscribers. “

In addition to the French Football Championship, Amazon also owns a portion of the Roland-Carros broadcast rights. And Bernard Chatillon posted some information on the Porte d’Auteuil over the next fortnight (May 22 to June 5): “Throughout the day, we’re coming with tennis fans. We’ll be hosting popular evening sessions. We will build our expertise last year. We will have Fabrice Santoro and Mario Bardoli as consultants. Guy Forket joins us. “

Humor surrounding the OM-PSG competition

In addition to these explanations, Amazon has also announced the upcoming broadcast of several game content on Prime Video. Starting with a joke around the competition between OM and PSG. Directed by Nathan Kutz and titled “Classico”, the film takes place between Marseille and the capital. It was filmed in recent months with Ahmed Zilla, Hakeem Jemili and Alice Beloidi in the lead roles. Basil Polly is part of an cast of actors such as rapper Sporano, comedian Eli Seamon or singer Viani. YouTuber also plays the leader of the group of Bengas Marseille supporters.

In the story Sami (Ahmed Zilla) is an OM employee working in an orphanage. Upon learning that the Champions League had been stolen, he decided to bring it back to Marseille, believing that PSG supporters were to blame for his disappearance. Enough to guide him on a trip to Paris …

Documentaries about Bokba and Yannick Nova

Prime Video has also produced a documentary series on the life of Paul Bokba. His name: “The Pokementary”. A program with five episodes, somewhat animated. Produced by Black Dynamite, the series will air exclusively in France. A documentary about Yannick Nova will also be presented on stage. Opportunity to dig into the many professions of the last Frenchman to win Roland-Carros (in 1983) as a “complete and dedicated man”. One way to “explain the meaning of success and the meaning of failure” refers to the media owned by Jeff Bezos, who will dedicate another of his documentaries to Guy Roux, the former identity coach of AJ Axer.

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