EIB provides 4 billion euros in aid to Ukrainian refugees

EIB provides 4 billion euros in aid to Ukrainian refugees

LThe new EIB project, which is yet to be approved by its board of directors, aims to fund the establishment of essential social infrastructure to provide public services to refugees, such as homes, schools, hospitals and kindergartens. EU Bank.

Funding will be supplemented by consulting services that provide free technical assistance to local authorities in EU member states to quickly assess local needs and plan, prioritize and prepare investments accordingly.

On March 4, 2022, the Board of Directors of the EIB approved a package of banking activities in solidarity with Ukraine. In this context, between March 8 and 25, the EU provided 66 668 million to meet the urgent cash flow requirements of the Ukrainian government.

In addition, the EIB is preparing to provide additional funding for Ukrainian authorities to continue to provide essential public services to citizens residing in Ukraine.

These funds should support projects in the fields of transportation, energy, urban development and digital transformation. They come under a set of measures for solidarity with Ukraine, prepared in collaboration with the European Commission.

The EIB says it will continue to explore opportunities to support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees with the European Commission, especially under the recently launched InvestEU program Social Investment and Capacity Window.

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