An unmanned taxi tries to escape from a police checkpoint in San Francisco.

An unmanned taxi tries to escape from a police checkpoint in San Francisco.

Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, has been providing for several months Self-driving taxis for limited travel on the streets of San Francisco. But, in early April, one of these vehicles may have tried to escape Police controlReports PhoneTroid.

A little chase

Police on patrol had decided to control the vehicle. According to witnesses at the scene, the car’s headlights were not on when night fell. An agent approached the robotics and it was not immediately understoodDriverless vehicle.

Eventually, as the officer drove away, the self-driving vehicle quickly restarted, which was like trying to get out of control. This Chevy Bolt rolled a few meters, stopped again and was overtaken by police patrol. The scene of this chase, which deserves a sci-fi movie, was filmed and then widely circulated on social media (See here)

Expected behavior

When asked about the behavior of its autonomous car, the Cruise brand responded on Twitter. “Our self-driving vehicle led to the police vehicle and then pulled into a nearby safe area for traffic control as planned,” the company said. So this will be the normal function of the vehicle.

“An officer contacted Cruise staff and no tickets were issued,” Brand said. Also self-driving cars offered by San Francisco, Waymo, Google Has been in the city since February 2021In the meantime it was Mysteriously pulled to a gul-di-sackFor no apparent reason.

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