Among the Enzooms, the gap with Marine Le Pen is a touch of hope as it narrows

Among the Enzooms, the gap with Marine Le Pen is a touch of hope as it narrows

Emmanuel Macron: “Make no mistake, nothing is certain”

The outgoing president spoke from the 8th hall of the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris on his election night. The outgoing president received 28% of the vote, according to the latest Ipsos and Sopra Steria estimates. “This Sunday, April 10, you have more than 36 million people to confirm this right captured by previous generations. This is the right to vote, and I thank all the comrades who voted for my candidacy. Their faith, your faith respects me, obliges me and dedicates me.”Mr. It starts with announcing the macro.

“I would like to congratulate all the candidates, including Natalie Arthur, Nicolas DuPont-Aignon, Anne Hidalgo, Jean Lazalle, Yannick Jodot, Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, Philippe Pouto, Fabian Russell and Eric Gemmore.”Candidate President asked the public to praise his rivals. “We strongly defend our beliefs, but respect each and every one of them.”Before proceeding Mr. Macron announces: “I want to thank Anne Hidalgo, Valerie Beckress, Yannick Jodot and Fabian Russell for their support this evening. ⁇ “Some will do it to stop the far right, it’s not supportive, I respect that.”Emmanuel Macron quotes Jean-Luc Mலlenchon – “I want to salute their clarity”He commented.

“I want to reach out to anyone who wants to work in France. I’m ready to find something new to combine beliefs and sensibilities.Before Marine Le Pen’s speech targeting voters, the President announces: “I want to convince them in the days to come that our plan will provide a more convincing answer to their fears and challenges of the times than the far right.” “Make no mistake, nothing has been resolved. The debate we will have in the next two weeks is crucial for our country and for Europe.”Then warns the candidate.

Mr. Macron expresses his political aspirations by indirectly opposing the program of the far right: “I want a France that accepts the climate and environmental challenge” ; “I firmly want a France against Islamic separatism (…), France, which prevents Muslims or Jews from eating according to their religion, is not us“Ours is the only plan for purchasing power! ⁇Emmanuel Macron then announces in a clear note about the Marine Le Pen campaign. “In the days to come, we will not give up any effort because nothing has been done.”Finally the candidate said the president.

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