Music: Maggie Vora packs her bags at The Orchard |

Music: Maggie Vora packs her bags at The Orchard |

After being discovered by the South Africans and given the best opportunities, after jumping into French digital distributors Believe, Gabonese Magali Vora makes a new path in The Orchard. Within the pioneer American company in distributing music content for independent artists and labels, he is the newcomer to French-speaking Africa.

Magali Palmira Vora. © DR

When I was in high school, I learned English, German and Italian. I wanted to be a conference translatorMagali Palmira Vora recently posted on her Facebook page. He explains that for various reasons, he was reluctant to pursue the study of his dreams. “God knew I was broken by this imperfection», The music expert who explains that he will be seen later by the South Africans who led him on MTV Base, The Voice Afrique Francophone, Coke Studio.

I would like to inform you that I have been packing my bags since the beginning of the year at American Digital Distributors The Orchard, following a trip to Belize, a French distributor who allowed me to acquire the basics of digital distribution.“She is a pioneer in the distribution of music content for independent artists and labels within the American company. “Although I have not become a conference translator, I have to express myself in English in my daily work“, He is happy to finally see his dream come true.

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