American Football: No NFL Team Like Icon Colin Copernicus

American Football: No NFL Team Like Icon Colin Copernicus

He knelt during the American anthem, and he still pays for it. Colin Copernicus, who wants to return to the NFL three years after ignoring the American anthem, did not contact any group after a week of training in front of several owners’ ambassadors, ESPN reports on Sunday.

At 32, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is currently out of work and clubs have shown no interest in him. Seven boroughs or 25 other borough leagues who saw him coach, after an agreement between the two parties, did not send a video of his session, which was initially planned behind closed doors, but was held in public after the player finally knocked his nose. In the NFL.

The NFL failed to generate interest in Copernicus, whose representatives had to make sure the video was received by all teams, indicating that the chances of seeing what he was asking for were slim, the store said.

The commission, which had organized the training in Atlanta, had made an appointment with the owners at the Falcons Training Center. But the former number 7 of the Nine, “especially considering his unemployment situation, refused to sign the waiver of responsibility, dropped out 30 minutes earlier and moved the session to a nearby high school. The NFL said it was “disappointed Colin did not attend his initial training session”. However the former player is under contract with the Nike brand.

Only 7 clubs took information

Following this change, several clubs out of the twenty who made the trip decided not to attend his demonstration. Only the 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans have seen him bowl for 40 minutes.

After his contract with 49 players expired in late 2016, Cabernick did not play following his boycott of the pre-match American anthem in protest of police brutality against black people. A controversy that sparked a political storm in 2017 has led to the dismissal of US President Donald Trump, who called soldiers who knelt during the US anthem the “son of bitches”.

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