How to work with emoji in the most popular app at the moment!

WhatsApp : comment réagir dans l'application

Are your friends showing that you can now work on WhatsApp? Don’t you have it yet? Meta-owned app is gradually unveiling a new way to interact with its app for Android and iPhone devices.

That’s right Note that you do not need to install any third party application, on the contrary, everything works on WhatsApp. How to react? Here are all the steps.

How to react on WhatsApp

  • The first thing This is what you need to know Feature Currently only available to WhatsApp beta users.
  • Once you’ve updated WhatsApp, go to your chats.
  • Send a message now Tell your friend or wait Someone writes to you.
  • When you do, tap on the phrase you want to react to.
  • At that point, a bar will appear with specific emojis to react on WhatsApp.
  • Select Something you like will appear in your conversations.
  • The standard version will be available in the coming weeks, If you do not have Unable to access a Beta version.
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What do the reactions mean

  • desire”: This is a very popular symbol. With a “Like”, we can say that we are in favor Something. If you ask about a topic in WhatsApp groups we can answer.
  • Red heart: If your partner writes to you, for example, you can dedicate an emotional message to him and at the same time act with a red heart. It will show your heart beating every time he writes to you.
  • Laughter with tears: If someone in a conversation or group says something funny, you can react with a smiling emoji.
  • Surprise: You will use Generally If someone says something you do not know, the reaction will surprise you.
  • Tragedy: If something has hurt you or a contact is very upset with you, you can use this reaction.
  • Prayer or Thanksgiving: For some it means ‘a prayer’, for others it is ‘thank you’. Even if this reaction is vague, it can be used to ask your friends, for example, to make a prayer Specific person.

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