The first is to join a completely private crew International Space Station

The first is to join a completely private crew International Space Station

This is the first aircraft to fly completely privately to the International Space Station. At 5:17 pm French time on Friday, April 8, a Falcon rocket will take off from Florida with 4 people off Earth. If everything goes well the crew Ax-1 Mission of Axium Space Arrive Saturday morning at the International Space Station (ISS) and stay for eight days.

Of these four new passengers, Michael Lopez-Alexria, NASA senior, private Refers to the only professional astronaut. Others, Larry Connor, Mark Patty and Aidan Stebe businessmen. According to the number they gave, they paid 50 million euros for the trip The Washington Post. On the ship they will carry out a limited number of scientific experiments, but will also spend time opening their eyes to the famous Kubola, this glass wall that offers a seamless view of the Earth.

The project was initiated by the private American company Axiom, which plans to eventually build its own station. Within a decade, the current ISS will be abandoned and decomposed from orbit and sent into the atmosphere. This, in the west, accommodates a private station inspired by the present. The first blocks to make it, a metal cylinder ten meters long and four meters in diameter, are currently under construction at the Thales Alenia Space at a factory in Turin. “Axium elements represent a transition between the current state-run station,” Details of the project manager Anna Maria Byros, And in the future, this part of the Earth’s orbit will be accessible to a large number of users, especially those from the private sector. “

“The elements will first be connected to provide additional space for other parts of the ISS. By 2026, they will be split into fully autonomous, commercial low orbital stations.”

Anna Maria Byros, Program Manager

Axiom took the silverware and handed over the interior design of these volumes to French designer Philippe Stark for the chic side and to attract private customers. “I created a very sweet stuffing egg that can be isolated from noise and shocks, in which they give complete freedom to the structuresThe famous designer explains. If they want to put a screen in front of them, they do. When they need the web to place objects to prevent them from flying, they do it. It is a gentle and very human environment and it is completely devoid of gravity. They were very satisfied with the project.

If everything works out on time, the first batch of this future space station will leave Earth in 2024.

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