No one knows what small hole is under your mobile phone and when to use it!

Qu'est-ce que le petit trou sous votre téléphone portable et quand devez-vous l'utiliser ?

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Like this little hole Located at the base of the phone.

What is it and what are its properties? You will find detailed information on when to use it and other information that can help extend the life of your device and prevent damage.

It certainly has nothing to do with the aesthetics of a smartphone, but it is an essential element to communicate with anyone wherever we are. MAG explains what the tiny hole in your bottom is Cell phone.


What is the small hole in the bottom of your mobile phone?

  • The small hole in the top of your mobile phone is used to improve the quality of your calls and reduce the noise coming from outside. In this way, They will be clear.
  • However, the small hole in the bottom of your mobile phone acts as a microphone.
  • Many would have thought that the speaker doubles as their phone’s microphone, but it’s not.
  • Be careful not to insert the safety pin, brooch, earring or any other sharp object into this hole as it may damage the microphone. Quickly.
  • Often the hole will be next to the charging or talking board of your cell phone. To ensure that its lifespan is not reduced, make sure it is always clean.

How to clean a hole in the phone? According to, all you have to do is take the bottle pieces and stick them in the different holes of your mobile. To prevent that, it is important not to press the bottle too hard Do not stick inside. Wipe lightly to prevent dirt from sticking to it.

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