Google is releasing a major search engine update

Google is releasing a major search engine update

Major improvements in the Google search engine have become rare. The giant is usually in adjustment. At this time, Google is introducing a new research method.

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Since created, Google Has established itself as the default search engine for most Internet users around the world. Initially text, this search was developed with other methods: voice search Google Assistant, Or image with Google Lens. More often than not, the company modifies its algorithms and tries to make the engine more relevant in its responses.

However, these are rare times when Google presents the great evolution of its engine with new methods. The company goes even further this time with the new, highly promising multimodal search mode.

Combine image and text search

So Google has announced a new way to search Google application on Android and iOS. This allows Google Lens to search based on a photo we already know, and then add text to clarify your idea. Google offers the idea of ​​a photo of a dress in which we would like to find similar models on the Internet. The search is then refined by adding a “green” color.

Google is releasing a major search engine update
Source: Google

The machine can then combine the two criteria and look for a model similar to the one in the photo, but in green. Obviously, the example here is relatively simple and makes it easier to understand the search that Google allows, but we can only imagine the complexity of the task of understanding the request. Google gives other examples: In particular, add a “table” in the living room photo to look for a table pattern or “care advice” with a photo of the houseplant to get suggestions.

Google announces that it will use its latest AI algorithms to perform these complex Idea Association tasks. This is especially necessary for an organization to understand the context and natural language used by users.

For now, this new search mode is only available in English and the United States. Google also refers to this as beta.

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