5 personality traits required to be a millionaire according to science

Ask yourself: What do you think you need? For Become a Millionaire Independent? If the answer is yes or no, know that according to science, the richest people in the world have common personality traits. And it is time to uncover them.

A starting point

In an article published in Communication of Humanities and Social Sciences, We learn that five personality traits are commonly associated with the super-rich. According to the researchers and authors of the article, Namely Marius Legelt, Johannes Conic, David Richter, Midja D. Pack and Carsten SchrderInheriting a good jackpot is obviously easy (this is currently the number one reason for wealth among the super rich), but what about “self-made”, Those who have created themselves ?

OK, By dealing with a large group of millionaires, Researchers were able to identify the sources of their assets. All information collected was then linked to the cross note Participant survey resultsPublishes 5 “essential” personality traits to become a millionaire.

5 key personality traits to become a millionaire

The authors of the study we are talking about here Complete the following facts :

Wealthy people show higher risk tolerance, more open mindedness, more alienated, more conscientious and less neurological.

The authors conclude This first sentence of the nextIt is here:

These findings broaden current research on millionaires, providing behavior, time use and pleasure, and providing a consistent and robust picture of the personality traits of the wealthy.

Reflective participants Very faithfully these five successful personality traits Mainly belongs to the “self-created” group. The richest fit the category the least Five features mentioned above His wealth was largely the result of heredity and gifts.

Researchers say their results “Suggest a unique framework of personality traits that contribute to the economic success of self-employed millionaires”. With that, Unless you are really nervous or introverted, you will not be afraid of danger, you have an open mind and a clear conscience, Do not hesitate to go to the conclusion of your ideas: according to statistics, they can prove to be profitable. And if you do not have the right type of character For the majority of millionairesFear not, other paths lead to wealth and, above all, well-being.

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