Viasat Hacked, Questionable VPN Vulnerability?

Viasat Hacked, Questionable VPN Vulnerability?

On February 24, Viasat, a satellite broadband service provider, suffered a crash that affected thousands of customers in Ukraine. After the investigation, the US company delivers the news and triggers a cyber attack launched from a VPN malfunction.

Viasat confirms cyber attack

After its broadband service was shut down on February 24,, Viasat raised the possibility of a malicious update. The company has put forward other hypotheses and announces that an investigation is underway.

After more than a month of investigation, Vyasat provides details about its services and interference Condemns cyber attack. The company explains, “On February 24, 2022, a multifaceted and deliberate cyber attack on ViaSat’s KA-SAT network caused a partial disruption to KA-SAT’s consumer satellite broadband service.

Vyasat said in a statement that it had received information about the attack. The company blames the incorrectly configured VPN router. Malicious actors took advantage of this shortcoming Remote access to the KA-SAT network. With this access, hackers sent out commands Clear sensitive data from modems’ flash memoryThis blocked access to the network.

Doubts about Russia

The US-based satellite internet provider said a cyber attack had been carried out on ViaSt’s KA-SAT network on the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite the suspicion, the company declined to name those responsible for the attack.

Some media outlets, including the Washington Post, are clearly inciting Russian aggression against the Ukrainians. These sources indicate that the Ukrainian military is making extensive use of the Vyasat link. The company quickly restored its customers’ internet connection, but is still investigating the incident.

Vyasat invites Mandian to assist in this process. The attack was limited to the KA-SAT network’s consumer-centric sharing. This has affected many SurfBeam2 and SurfBeam 2+ modems and / or related customer equipment (CPE) in Ukraine.

Said Vyasat The affected modems were still reusable but some had to be replaced. The company says it has sent nearly 30,000 replacement modems to distributors to restore service.

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