Get 1KG Sugar Bag For Free On Collecting Remittances From Any Yonna Forex Branch In The Gambia Sent Through ACE Money Transfer.

Do you know that this Ramadan’s special gift offer is open to all Gambian expatriates and their beneficiaries? The holy month of Ramadan brings a unique spirit to life where everyone tries to help others by sharing gifts and resources. People enjoy family gatherings daily during this month, while those living away from families in foreign lands can show their presence by supporting them with remittances. This Ramadan, when you send money to Gambia, your beneficiaries will receive the funds you sent, but they will also get a free 1kg bag of sugar as a gift. Keep reading to know how you can make your remittance receivers avail of their Ramadan gifts.

ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Join Hands to Give Away Free 1KG Sugar Bags

ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex are famous remittance solution providers for Gambian diasporas. The Yonna Forex exchange bureau was born out of a necessity to fill a void created by some financial institutions and a desire to start a business. By working in all of the Gambia’s regions, Yonna Forex Bureau has become a service most Gambians choose for their monetary needs.

ACE Money Transfer is known for its enhanced professionalism in remittance transfer proceedings. Thanks to many transactional gateways, users can perform and host transactions for friends and family anywhere.

This Ramadan, ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex have partnered to share peace, love, and happiness. When you make an online money transfer to Gambia of  3,000 Dalasi via ACE to any Yonna Forex branch, your recipient will get a 1KG bag of sugar.

Ramadan Offer By ACE

ACE Money Transfer keeps bringing enticing rewards and promotions for worldwide diasporas. This Ramadan, the company is back with another fantastic offer for its loyal Gambian customers. ACE constantly remains on the lookout for the best discounts for its consumers, who can effortlessly make purchases for their loved ones.

● Eligibility Criteria

Gambians can qualify for the offer by meeting a few simple requirements. To be eligible for the primary required criterion of the offer, make any transaction of GMD 3000 or more and receive a 1Kg sugar bag as a reward.

The offer will be valid for cash payments submitted through ACE Money Transfer and received through Yonna Forex. In addition, only paid transactions are counted to meet the eligibility requirements.

● Validity of the Promotion

The campaign will run from the commencement of Ramadan through the end of the month in 2022. The dates listed are liable to change at the company’s discretion.

According to local tax laws, the recipient is responsible for any personal, advance, or withholding tax owed due to the gift received through this offer, and ACE bears no responsibility in this regard.

This campaign is not open to the employees of ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex; it is only available to clients. The corporation owns all rights to utilise the winner’s information for marketing and promotional purposes. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Several Ways To Send And Receive Money In Gambia

There are various options for sending and receiving money in The Gambia, although these will mostly rely on your chosen company.

The current exchange rate for the Gambian Dalasi (GMD) is 53.803308 GMD per American Dollar (USD). During the last 90 days, the GMD has traded at a high point of 53.9498 GMD per USD and a low end of 53.7500 GMD per USD. For the previous 90 days, the average exchange rate was 53.8448 GMD per USD.

The GMD has had an average volatility rate of 0.08% against the USD for the past three months, a meagre volatility rate.

As an expatriate working abroad, you must be concerned about the exchange rates. It’s no wonder that you always want your receiver to get hefty amounts after conversion from a foreign to a local currency. Following comparison will help you find the best way to send money to Gambia online, through which you can enjoy unbeatable exchange rates, low transfer fees, and fully secured transactions.

● Bank To Bank Transfers

The Gambia receives most of its aid from Europe, the United States, the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and Senegal. If you live in one of these countries, you can use your bank to send money to your Gambian relatives and friends. For example, if you’re sending money from the UK, you may use EcoBank to send money into the country.

Using a bank having a presence in both the sending and receiving countries may be beneficial because it reduces the cost of shipping and ensures that your money arrives faster.

● Online Money Transfer

Whenever you are looking for how to send money to Gambia, take services from the ACE Money Transfer. Remittance transfer firms like ACE are among the most popular suppliers in the Gambia. They make it simple to send money because all you have to do is open a money transfer account and initiate your transactions swiftly.

Gambian expatriates give money to families to assist various causes back home in variable quantities and frequency. Most money transfer services allow you to trace your transfer to keep track of your funds as they travel. ACE provides you with the most convenient approach to send money to Gambia online with a completely interactive way of tracking your transactions.

Final Thoughts

ACE Money Transfer is one of the top remittance providers for Gambians. Its collaboration with Yonna Forex helps you receive a free sugar bag of 1kg on every transaction made through the two partners. So, don’t miss out on this Ramadan offer from ACE and Yonna Forex and make more transactions to get the maximum number of sugar bags.

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