Tetrose (WHO) and allies are accelerating the Govt vaccination in Africa, which could lead to an epidemic

Tetrose (WHO) and allies are accelerating the Govt vaccination in Africa, which could lead to an epidemic

By Laurent Aventin.

Until the end of 2021, no one will have survived the outbreak of Govt epidemic in Africa, however, the WHO is trying to vaccinate the African continent by methods that have already been proven in the West: then the fear of implementing a number of mandatory measures. People eventually agree.

With the exception of South Africa, the incidence of goiter is very low in Africa. The country has conducted several vaccine trials since 2020 (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.). South Africa, where dominant variants such as Brazil, the UK, India and Brazil emerged, also had its variants, from which the last Omigron was formed. In this country and now a The vaccination rate is about 34% (At least one dose) and several Govt cases daily Does not exceed 390 Cases per day in 2 years (and only 50 to 60 cases per day from February 2022 and more than 5,000 daily cases at the peak of the epidemic on the 1st in FranceEr Quarter 2022). We addressed the question of the possible link between vaccination and infection File number. 2.

Africa, a continent saved by the Govt

But other parts of the African continent have been largely saved by the unrelated number of fatalities in Europe in 2020 and 2021. In 2020 and 2021 I was in Cameroon on several occasions. By mid-2021, fewer than 1,000 Govt deaths were reported. Some might say “case notification issues” because we are in the South. Yaoundé and Douala alone make up 20% of the country’s population and integrate all social and economic conditions conducive to infection. Patients are screened by PCR in national and regional hospitals, and the level of epidemiological surveillance is satisfactory, at least in these 2 major cities. In any radio, writing and television media, there was only one subject on the front page: the Govt.

Maternal mortality rate in Africa is approx 500 deaths per 100,000 births (50 times more than France) but there was only communication about Covid. This observation is not specific to Cameroon, I saw it in 2021 in the Central African Republic. We first incite fear and then encourage citizens to be vaccinated. If they do not cooperate, vaccination is mandatory Church entrancesFrom Health facilitiesSchools

Tetros Adanom Cabreius, director of the WHO and a leading figure in the US government’s funding of Bill Gates and the organization, obeys orders from his supporters. They have chosen to establish their dominance through fear. A continent escaping an epidemic could weaken the establishment of a global health administration and find less and less hidden motives.

The WHO is spreading its mistakes in Africa

In mid-March 2022, when the vaccine policy was in global failure, pharmacological surveillance monitoring systems showed the ineffectiveness of vaccines. All three vaccines develop acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), Tetros was furious “One-third of the world’s population has not received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, of which 83% are Africans. […] This is not good for me, it is not good for anyone […] If the world’s rich enjoy the benefits of greater immunization coverage, why shouldn’t the world be poorer? Are some lives worth more than others? “. Reverse is at the center of discourse. Dress up a virtuous discourse and lead to this principle. Very weak missing.

The WHO expert has officially announced that by mass vaccination, the epidemic will spread to the African continent. The epidemic threatens the African continent : Forecasting or programming? Infectious Raised This will allow the WHO to declare loudly and clearly that it is appropriate to vaccinate Africans with the vaccine because the epidemic is serious and only those who have been vaccinated are protected. The pattern does not change, it is universal.

Source: Courier of strategists

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