Security breach affects millions of Galaxy smartphones, install update quickly

A serious security breach has put millions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones at risk. According to the researchers behind the invention, this violation enables complete control of the phone remotely through malicious use. Samsung has released an update to protect its users.

Galaxy A.
Available in four colors

CryptoWire, an American company that specializes in cybersecurity, has discovered a serious security flaw in Samsung phones. This violation affects all smartphones of the brand running on Android 9, Android 10, Android 11 and Android 12. Millions of Galaxy devices are in circulation Have suffered in the world. This is the status of many popular specifications in the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy A range.

According to Kryptowire, the defect is located Pre-installed phone application On all Samsung smartphones. “Phone usage has an insecure component that allows local applications to perform special functions without user permission”, Report details. To capture the smartphone, hackers can take advantage of this vulnerability by malicious processor.

Urgently install the update on your Samsung Galaxy

If identified in November 2021, vulnerability attackers may be allowed Control your smartphone From a distance. Of course, the attacker can make phone calls without you knowing, install / shut down Android apps, run apps in the background, and reset the phone to factory settings.

“Have you ever thought that someone else could access your phone? Unfortunately, you’re right.”Says Alex Lisley, technical director of Cryptovirus. To prove its point, the company used the flaw to take control of several terminals, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy A10E. On the other hand, running devices An earlier version of Android than Android 9 (Like Android 8) are not vulnerable.

On the same theme: Samsung has delivered over 100 million smartphones with significant security vulnerabilities!

Samsung has integrated a patch that has been alerted by Kryptowire February 2022 Security Update. If it is not yet, we advise you to install the latest security update available on your mobile as soon as possible. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • See you on the menu Settings
  • Press About the device
  • Select now Software update
  • If available, select Start the update And follow the instructions provided

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