Hydrocarbons and mines: US companies are invited to invest in Algeria

The Minister urged US companies to take part in the next tender calls so that the sector can start and benefit soon using the benefits provided by the new law on hydrocarbons.

IEnergy and Mining Minister Mohamed Arkab yesterday called on US companies to invest in the hydrocarbon and mining sectors in Algeria and to form mutually beneficial partnerships with Algerian companies.

Mohamed Arkab spoke during a meeting with the US Ambassador to Algeria, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, at her department headquarters.

During the meeting, the two sides described the Algerian-US relations in the energy and mining sectors as “historic and outstanding” and discussed opportunities to strengthen them. They reaffirmed their “desire to maximize cooperation by jointly studying all opportunities in the oil, gas, electricity and mining industries.”

Emphasizing the importance and strategic partnership between Algerian and US companies in the energy sector, Mohamed Arkab, on the occasion, provided investment and partnership opportunities for research, development and exploitation of the sector. Hydrocarbons.

In this regard, the Minister said that US companies would like to participate in the next tender calls and that the sector would be launched soon using the benefits provided by the new law on hydrocarbons.

He stressed the need to work harder to explore and exploit Algeria’s rich mining heritage and to enhance its resources, “inviting US companies to invest in the mining sector in Algeria and to form alliances with mutually beneficial Algerian companies. How and training.”

Both parties want to see “significant opportunities for cooperation and investment in the new and renewable energy (hydrogen) sector, as well as participation in the short- and medium-scale national seawater desalination program.

The US Ambassador, for his part, expressed satisfaction at the “quality of relations between the two countries and the confidence shown by the American institutions and the trust that characterizes the relations between the two countries’ institutions, thanks to the balanced and firm partnership.” The same evidence points out. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken recently declared Algeria a “reliable and trustworthy partner” in Algeria, in which the United States “surveys”.

The US diplomat announced in the presence of US business leaders in Algeria that trade between the two countries would be greatly enhanced. “Against the current $ 2.6 billion, we plan to increase our business to $ 6 billion in the future,” Anthony Blingen promised.


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