Duma allows Russian tourists to travel to Morocco

Duma allows Russian tourists to travel to Morocco

The Russian parliament’s lower house (Duma) has warned Russian citizens who want to spend their holidays abroad that they can avoid traveling to certain countries, as there are “strong Ukrainian immigrants” who can “create conflict with Ukrainian refugees,” according to Russian media Interfax.

On April 4, 2022, Natalia Kostenko, chair of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Development, issued this warning. Ms. Gostenko said she regretted that there were now “severe restrictions” on where Russian citizens could travel, pointing out that many European countries, such as France and Italy, had begun to remove restrictions imposed by the spread of Covit-19. Epidemic, “It is dangerous to travel to this and other places on the European continent now.” This warning is not about Russia’s traditional ally Serbia, and above all “all major tourist destinations” still “open to Russians” [et] Should therefore be given priority. We are talking about Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Sri Lanka, India, Morocco and Qatar, ”he explains.

In 2019, Morocco received 10,000 Russian tourists. Nothing can be done with the promise that 2 million tourists will come from this country by 2020. In Russia, Yuri Parsik, vice president of the Russian Tourism Union, argues that prices are high and standards are not up to par.


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