AI, Cloud PC and New Explorer

AI, Cloud PC and New Explorer

At a conference dedicated to business, Microsoft released a set of new features for Windows 11. Objective: To make the system more secure and productive.

Microsoft presents the future of Windows 11: AI, Cloud PC and the new Explorer

Microsoft is beautiful Introduced Windows 11 at the end of 2021, The editor knows that he still has a lot of work to do to improve the operating system and especially trust the experts completely. This is the whole point of the publisher’s presentation on April 5, 2022 Is as expected Has released new features for Windows 11.

Native AI management to improve your video calls

With the appearance of ARMs and processors with complex configurations, our machines are now increasingly claiming NPUs: Neurological processing unit. It is a chip dedicated to artificial intelligence, which is now self-managed by Windows 11.

Microsoft presents the future of Windows 11: AI, Cloud PC and the new Explorer
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is not claiming to revolutionize what it can do, but to add functionality we already know about in Windows 11. For example, we are talking about adding blur or visual adjustment to the background of its image. The idea that you see your narrator in the eye. Since it is a native integration of Windows 11, Microsoft guarantees that it will not be limited to Microsoft groups, but will be applicable to any application.

File Explorer with tabs

After several weeks of rumors, Microsoft has officially removed the screen of the new version of File Explorer. The publisher mentions that it manages storage better on the cloud, especially with OneDrive.

Microsoft presents the future of Windows 11: AI, Cloud PC and the new Explorer

After all, this new version introduces the management of tabs in File Explorer. Just like a web browser, you can quickly switch from one folder to another by changing tabs. Based on your habits, Microsoft will automatically suggest contacts for you in the file sharing menu.

Windows Cloud PC integration

In 2021, Microsoft introduced the Cloud PC, which provides streaming access to the cloud-powered Windows 11 PC. There is policy as well as shadow, except that it is a privilege towards companies, not players.

Microsoft presents the future of Windows 11: AI, Cloud PC and the new Explorer

With its presentation, Microsoft upgrades a gear by allowing Windows 11 to sync with the PC on the cloud. This way you can switch from your local computer to the cloud PC with a single click from the taskbar or boot directly into the cloud PC without going to the Windows 11 desktop. In the long run, Microsoft wants to make it possible to work. In the documents of his Cloud PC offline, with data synchronization when the local computer reconnects to the Internet.

Uncertain schedule

Microsoft did not specify when these new features will be available to businesses or the general public. The company may provide them with an update throughout the year or wait for a major update planned for the end of the year or wait until 2023 for some new features. In short, very official promises and announcements, but a calendar is not currently clear.

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