A new Tomb Rider, designed on Unreal Engine 5, is made in Crystal Dynamics.

A new Tomb Rider, designed on Unreal Engine 5, is made in Crystal Dynamics.

After a diversion (more or less appreciated) in the Marvel world, Crystal Dynamics will return to Laura Croft for another adventure, while American Studio confirmed this Tuesday Grave Rider Was officially in development.

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Dallas Dickinson, general manager of the franchise at Crystal Dynamics, made the announcement this morning during the launch of Unreal Engine 5. Grave Rider Uses Epic Games’ new graphics engine.

“Crystal Dynamics is proud to be a part of the release of Unreal Engine 5. This new engine will enable the next level story experiences and gameplay. That is why we are pleased to announce today that we have begun the development of our next game. Grave RiderThe Unreal Engine is powered by 5, “Dickinson said.

With the new installment of Laura Croft’s Adventures, the studio says it wants to “push the envelope of trust” by providing fans with a “cinematic action-adventure experience”. Grave Rider“.

However, beyond these few sentences, Dallas Dickinson did not go further and therefore did not release any other information. Of course, we should not expect the first pictures or the announcement of the release date as the creation of the title still seems to be in its infancy.

Note that this new Opus will mark the return of the classic adventure franchise for Crystal Dynamics Shadow of the Tomb Rider In 2018. Crystal Dynamics continued the work on the first two titles of the series’s restart. Grave Rider In 2013, then The Rise of the Tomb Rider In 2015.

You have to go to 2020 to find the studio’s last big release action-adventure game. Marvel Avengers. However, it received mixed reviews upon its release.

Unreal Engine 5 was unveiled this Tuesday

A new launch event Grave Rider This was not the only focal point of Epic Games’ State of Unreal presentation on Tuesday, however, as the US company announced the immediate launch of its next-generation graphics engine, Unreal Engine 5.

For those interested in wanting to see what tomorrow’s games will be made of, Epic has spiced up its release with more than one optical extract with graphics engine and a few more technologically advanced descriptive capsules.

In addition, Epic Games has released two demos for developers to demonstrate the potential of Unreal Engine 5. Lyra And is titled Unplayable Experience Urban modelDerived from the short free title released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S The Matrix Awakens Last December.

Lyra is one of the 5 demos of Unreal Engine offered to developers

Image courtesy Epic Games

Lyra is one of the 5 demos of Unreal Engine offered to developers

One thing is for sure, everything points to the fact that in this fifth edition the Unreal Engine video game will continue to be imposed on the landscape.

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