Mailchimp at the center of a sophisticated cryptocurrency fraud

Mailchimp at the center of a sophisticated cryptocurrency fraud

Fear among Trezor users, some of whom have been targeted by more extensive phishing attempts following the Mailchimp hack.

Hundreds of customers of the well-known email site Mailchimp have discovered that their data has been stolen by hackers using a flaw in the company’s internal tools. The cryptocurrency wallet Trezor was attacked by Mailchimp after it was found to be linked to a warning issued over the weekend about sophisticated phishing campaigns reported by its users.

On the edge, Echoing this story, says Mailchimp discovered unauthorized access to its customer service tools and account manager on March 26th. Mailchimp immediately blocked the hacked employee account, but the hackers reportedly scoured about 300 user accounts and found time to retrieve 102 of them.

“We sincerely apologize to our users for this incident and we know it causes inconvenience and raises questions. […] We rely on strong security measures and processes in place to protect our users’ data and prevent future incidents. “Says Mailchimp’s chief security officer.

Very realistic utility clone

Bleeding computer This indicates that the data was quickly used by hackers to try to deceive users of the cryptocurrency management site Trezor. Questionable emails deceive official communications from Trezor, warn users of data theft, and urge them to download a newer version of the Trezor Suite desktop application.

In fact, a fake application sought to obtain the information needed to take control Wallets Users to steal related cryptocurrencies. Tresser talks about the particularly malicious and realistic attack with the highest detail. At first glance, the installed Trezor application may seem counterfeit.

Mailchimp and Trezor are urging their users to be especially vigilant in these types of scams, especially since the data about them is now of interest to hackers’ cryptocurrencies.

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