A McKinsey case?  These supporters of Emmanuel Macron do not see where the problem is

A McKinsey case? These supporters of Emmanuel Macron do not see where the problem is

Politics – On Saturday, April 2, Emmanuel Macron and his team evacuated all stops for their first and only presidential campaign rally, with about 30,000 people gathered at the La Defense Arena in Nantere (92).

Shortly before the first round on April 10, there will be an American-style finale to push the presidential-candidate’s rocket, and an attempt to make people forget the last risks of his mandate, especially the revelations of the emerging senator’s statement. Use state consulting firms over a five-year period.

You can see it in our video report at the top of the article, Supporters of Emmanuel Macron do not seem to be disturbed by these revelations. “Wrong problem”, “last minute affair”, “everyone does it” … The head of state’s sympathizers did not pay attention to this five – year final controversy.

On March 17, senators revealed that contracts with these consulting firms had “more than doubled” between 2018 and 2021, reaching a record high of over one billion euros by 2021. Also, the senators on Friday, March 25, seized justice for “suspicion of perjury” against McKinsey’s executive, who confirmed that his company had paid corporate taxes in France.

In fact, the culmination of this controversy was the US-led agency that worked closely with the government to manage the Covit-19 health crisis. The results need not be overlooked, He has been accused of failing to pay his taxes in France for the past ten years due to a “caricature example of tax reform”.

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